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ASLO 2021 Aquatic Sciences Meeting

22–27 June 2021
Virtual Meeting

Aquatic Sciences for a Sustainable Future:  Nurturing Cooperation

Following the pressing needs of the society to ensure a sustainable future, amidst human-influenced environmental changes, the theme of the meeting is Aquatic Sciences for a Sustainable Future: Nurturing Cooperation. Underdeveloped and developed societies face different levels of sustainability problems in aquatic resources and have contrasting capacities to address and adapt to upcoming changes and threats, which makes cooperation paramount for an efficient and increasing exchange of information to find long-term sustainable solutions. Dialogue among scientists, as well as transfer of knowledge for the benefit of the society, are very important in addressing sustainability challenges. To provide a venue for this exchange, we will incorporate the theme into the plenary sessions: The future of seafood resources and the role of cooperation; Restoration of aquatic ecosystems, in line with the United Nations Decade of Restoration; Carbon dynamics in lakes and rivers; Past and future of ocean circulation and its role for the climate system; Linking the health of the oceans to humans; Remote sensing and large scale detection; Integrated management of aquatic resources.

Initially this meeting was scheduled to be held in Palma, but due to COVID-19, it is necessary to hold the ASLO 2021 Aquatic Sciences Meeting virtually.  However, we plan to meet in Palma in 2023.  We will embrace dialogue in the virtual realm, concentrating on cooperation in an electronic environment.

Call for Abstracts

To have your abstract considered for acceptance, you must submit before the abstract deadline of 05:59 Greenwich Mean Time on 12 March 2021. Abstract and registration fees are due at the time of submission and are payable in U.S. dollars. If you are not an ASLO member, we hope that you will join ASLO and take advantage of the discounted registration fees for members!

Please read the following information before you submit the abstract:

  • Those who submit abstracts for this meeting must be able to fund their own registration. Opportunities for student and early career grants will be available for those who apply. Application for grants must be made at the time of abstract submission.
  • Only one abstract is permitted per presenting author.
  • The submission deadline of 05:59 Greenwich Mean Time on 12 March 2021 will be strictly adhered to. Abstracts received after this date will not be accepted.
  • Only abstracts received via the online submission form on the website will be accepted.
  • Accepted authors will be notified in April 2021.
  • Presenters will be notified of session assignments on 16 April 2021.

Abstract Submission Requirements

The abstract fee is non-refundable should it later be determined that you are not able to attend and make your presentation. However, registration fees are refundable under the registration guidelines. All persons wishing to contribute an abstract must complete a registration form with payment of the appropriate fees when submitting an abstract.

Virtual poster presentations are strongly encouraged and will play an important role in this meeting. Please keep in mind it may be necessary to accept for poster presentation some abstracts submitted for oral presentation and, likewise, those who submit abstracts for poster presentation may be asked to make an oral presentation.

Submitting Your Abstract

Everyone who submits an abstract will be required to register for the meeting and pay the appropriate registration and abstract submission fees. This includes speakers who have been contacted by session organizers and “invited” to present in a scientific or education session.

To register for the meeting:

  • If you are an ASLO member, log into your ASLO account, choose “My Account” and register for the meeting using the member registration rates.
  • If you are not a member of ASLO, choose “I want to Register” in the I Want To menu. Select “Create New Account” at the bottom of the login prompt. Create your account and register for the meeting at the non-member rates, or join ASLO to save.
  • A link to the abstract submission site will be included in your registration confirmation.

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