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Call for Special Session Proposals

The Joint ASLO- SFS Annual Meeting Committee invites proposals for special sessions at the 2020 meeting in Madison, Wisconsin (June 7-12). The 2020 meeting theme is " Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystems Under Global Change."

Rapid change is a defining feature of the modern era. Increasingly severe threats attributed to global environmental change involve water, including among them scarcity, security, over-appropriation of water resources, extreme hydrological events, accelerating loss of aquatic biodiversity, and overstressed fisheries. Sustaining the aquatic ecosystems that provide fresh water, regulate water flow and quality, and provide habitat for aquatic organisms and biodiversity is thus key to sustaining human welfare and the natural systems that support us. Sustainable solutions—those that work across sectors, nations, and generations—will require major transitions in our thinking about water resources and the way they are governed and managed. By proposing a special session, we hope you’ll help highlight work relevant to sustaining aquatic ecosystems under global change.

We will prioritize special session proposals at ASLO-SFS 2020 that highlight research or policy work showing tools and analyses relevant to identifying and exposing the nature of these threats as well as identifying sustainable solutions. Our desire is to identify approaches that will further our ability to sustain aquatic ecosystems under future conditions.

As this year sees the two societies returning to a collaborative meeting, we will prioritize special sessions that include collaborations between the societies. Members are therefore encouraged to seek partners from each society to propose and develop these special sessions.

In addition, for this year’s meeting, we encourage proposals for alternative special session formats including:

  • Standard 15-minute talk formats, with possible 30-minute tutorial talks
  • Lightning or Ignite Sessions with short presentations followed by discussion
  • Panel discussions

Any alternative format special session will be required to adhere to the standard 1.5h time slot (six 15-minute sessions) window consistent with traditional meeting sessions. All contributed or invited speakers will be required to submit abstracts, regardless of format.

Proposals should include a title, list of organizers and their society affiliation, brief description of the session (<250 words), list of five keywords, session format, and a list of at least four to five potential speakers with presentation topics/tentative titles. Commitments from speakers are not necessary at the time of proposal submission, but please indicate whether the speakers have been invited and if they have been tentatively confirmed.

We specifically ask that session organizers strive to build sessions that include a diversity of speakers by considering career stage, gender, race, ethnicity, geography, and other forms of diversity when inviting speakers. Both societies are dedicated to promoting diversity among their members and welcome and encourage participation from all, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, physical or mental difference, religion, age, or national origin. All special sessions are open to contributed presentations in addition to those invited by organizers; we expect that special sessions will include a mix of invited and self-nominated participants.

Special session proposals must be submitted to by midnight PST on October 1, 2019.

ASLO and SFS thank you for your participation in this important meeting!


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